PBTconsult has set guidelines in the following areas:

  • ITS (Dutch Integral Accessibility Standard)
    This is a national standard supported by our partner Ieder(in), the network organization for people with a disability or chronic illness.

  • Tactile paving
    Solutions to the construction of tactile paving surfaces are required in every city and in specific situations. The Netherlands lacked uniform tactile paving guidelines and clear and consistent guidelines needed for tactile paving and its application were missing. As a result nobody knew where and how tactile paving should be applied. The PBTconsult Tactile Paving Guidelines responded to this need and developed practicle tactile paving guidelines for every conceivable situation. In particular the predictability (where and how), simplicity (only a limited number of necessary codes) and ease (clear agreements) with which the tactile paving can be designed, were very well received by people with visual impairments as well as by designers and municipalities. People with visual impairments now find their direction in a unified way on public transport interchanges, stations, etc.

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